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Cinenova: Closing Party and Performance

Mar 4, 2012. 8PM. FREE

Gladstone Hotel Ballroom, 1214 Queen Street West

To close the month of Cinenova, we will be hosting a party at the Gladstone Hotel that will also feature a newly commissioned performance by Toronto-based artist Sharlene Bamboat responding to the Cinenova collection and the themes and ideas surrounding it. Drawing from her daily life, Sharlene Bamboat’s work in film, video and performance embodies themes of mobility and fragmented identity, migration and homeland, and how the queer body relates to architectural spaces of in-between-ness. Bamboat’s performance, Throwback, will be in collaboration with Montreal-based artist Ali El Darsa, and explores the transformative nature of archiving and the intertwining histories of performance and video documentation.

8 PM commissioned performance by Sharlene Bamboat in response to Cinenova’s work and working methodologies, locating them within the conditions and contexts of Toronto.

9 PM The performance is followed by Rebels Rule a screening curated by Toronto’s G.B. Jones, Alex McClelland, Leila Pourtavaf, and Lex Vaughn featuring Will Munro’s films and his appearances in films.